Video Compression

Our tireless efforts to apply our patent pending innovation with a variety of non-cryptic technologies came to fruition resulting in a unique ability to implement our algorithm with video compression.

To this day, the greatest obstacle for efficient data transmission has been bandwidth capacity, setting limits on speed, size, and quality of any transferred music, voice or video file.

In our initial tests, utilizing our lossless video compression algorithm, we were able to compress a 197MB video file down to 90KB, achieving ratios of 1:2188.

To compare our results with one of the industry leaders, we used the latest version (6.22) of DivX which utilizes MPEG4 LOSSY compression and we reached the following outcome:

  • Lowest quality (highest compression; blurry picture): 0.12MB Ratio 1:1641
  • Medium quality: (some blurriness) 0.4 MB Ratio 1:492
  • Best quality (visible digital artifacts): 0.5MB Ratio 1:394

Even though our tests are still in the preliminary stage, we have already exceeded the industry norms by producing much higher compression ratios without ANY LOSS OF QUALITY. In the near future we will improve upon our technology as well as apply our algorithm onto an array of widely used standards. We are confident we will achieve unparalleled results with lossy video compression.

But most importantly, while compressing video files with our algorithm, we are also able to encrypt them.

Our newest tests and the possibility of independent tests will be avaliable after July 15 2006.