AES-Mach ver. 1.0

Mach accelerators are software solutions that speed up the encryption/decryption processes of cryptic algorithms.

After a 5-year standardization process, in November 2001 the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) adopted Rijndael as a new encyption standard. AES has quickly become a natural successor to TDES and has been deployed on a huge scale ever since. Even though our primary goal was to find a way to speed up the RSA algorithm, the fact that AES is fast in both software and hardware, presented us with a challenge as well as an opportunity. After we succeeded with the RSA algorithm, we discovered that with a proper implementation we could also accelerate a symmetric key algorithm.

Our Mach 1.0 for AES accelerates the encryption process of the AES algorithm up to 19GB per second and decryption up to 31MB per second without modifying the nature of the original AES cipher.

Our acceleration method may be applied by any organization or industry where the AES standard is utilized, but also it may speed up encryption processes on low-end processors that are at large today.

Of course, you may also apply our software solution onto hardware and the acceleration of the encryption process will be enhanced even further.

For the purpose of our tests we have generated keys with the following bit lengths:

  • 128
  • 256

To download our latest test results click here.

Software specifications used for testing:

  • Win XP Pro 32-bit, SP2

Hardware specifications used for testing:

  • Motherboard – Tyan Thunder i7525 S2676 UANRF
  • CPU – dual Xeon 3.6 GHz 1MB Cache 64bit
  • Memory – 2GB RAM ECC DDR 2 400MHz
  • Video – ATI Radeon X700 256MB RAM
  • Audio – Sound Blaster Audigy 1 OEM
  • Power – Antec 550W

However, during the course of the above tests only one processor was used (one-thread process).

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To download our latest test results click here.