Jerzy Urbanik

Jerzy is the President of CipherFlux. He founded the company, defined its mission, and played the critical role in the development of the company's proprietary technology.

Mr. Urbanik commands day-to-day operations at CipherFlux and he is the main architect of the company’s future. He manages CipherFlux's financials and he controls all legal affairs of the company.

Before establishing CipherFlux, Mr. Urbanik successfully pursued a career in network engineering. He obtained the Novell Administrator certification and for two years he worked as an independent network engineer and consultant in various small business environments in Los Angeles and New York. As a Microsoft certified MCSE System Engineer, Mr. Urbanik worked for five years at Canon ISD in New York, the networking branch of Canon USA where he was responsible for managing large scale network set-up and configuration project for major corporate clients.

Before Mr. Urbanik directed his knowledge and interests toward information technology he had completed five years of study at the Jagiellonian University School of Medicine in Krakow, Poland at the Faculty of Pharmacy.